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Pandora Beads can see on this last photo, bottom of the engraving which remained gross smelter and contrasting with the polished reliefs of engraving. This fund is usually blackened by oxidation to highlight the reliefs. The blue diamond may well be a diamond, the rarity of its color in nature makes it a precious stone more expensive than traditional white diamonds. This explains why blue diamonds regularly in the news, each time beating record prices when sales enters. pandora on sale owes its color to the presence of boron in the heart of its structure, therefore requiring specific geophysical conditions for its training. The shades of color the diamond the blue diamonds may take more or less pronounced as shown in this color scale shades: When speaking of blue diamond, it is difficult to be precise as it is wide color panel can take these stones.

Here is a summary of the most common shades of blue: Blue diamonds are shades ranging from blue-gray to green. Of necks it is the blue diamond the more pronounced are the most expensive (source image) Difference Saphiren consultant with the table above, we can see that the blue diamond is easily distinguished from the color of blue sapphires. Moreover, sapphires with a different chemical composition and physical diamonds, it is easy to differentiate them from diamonds. The Pandora Beads Sale beats each time exceptional records. La quality of a blue diamond is evaluated by the degree of purity of crystal, but also according to the particular scale color of its diamonds and thus differs from the 4Cs used to evaluate the price of diamonds white. In order to the average person wishing to use blue diamonds for their jewelery not want to spend astronomical sums, there remains the option of treated natural diamonds are well last blue. The most common and diamond blue traits.

On treats natural diamonds radiation to give them Pandora Stopper Beads: The radiation treatment changes the color of the diamond (natural) or total superficial manner following the process used. Treatment with cyclotron or by electron bombardment gives a blue diamond in size while the gamma changes the color to the heart of the diamond, however, the process is less frequently used for very long. pandora bracelet and charms are other diamond processing methods such as HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) used for brown diamonds, yellow and pink, or neutron bombardment for black diamonds and this method. The treated blue diamonds are natural blue diamonds, the color was changed thereafter. Their price is still that of diamonds, namely 1500 dollars or more per carat (the price depends also and especially their purity).

You can purchase online blue diamonds, whether natural or treated on this site. The blue diamond of the most famous pandora jewel is certainly the blue diamond which is one of the crown jewels. Worthy of a good thriller, the story of this diamond was hectic, you can be the details by reading this article, gross blue diamond of exceptional size of 115 carats was bought by Louis XIV who had it cut into an unusual shape (the rose of Paris) to achieve a 69 diamond carats. Of all the precious stones, is certainly the best known stone and more fashionable now because of its peculiar color Ranging from azure blue to deep green. Whatever stone is symbolic for humanity, because pandora charms clearance is operated by humans, it has fascinated all civilizations have been able to extract from the ground.